viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Motivación de Abaddon

En el codex de los MEC de 3ra, se encuentra un párrafo muy alentador para los seguidores del caos!, lo transcribo en inglés con unas pequeñas modificaciones:

"In each Black Crusade has the Despoiler held the galaxy within his grasp, and each time he had but to claim what was his for the taking . I am now sure there exists some greater scheme, some unfathomable logic driving Abaddon in his endeavours. I ask myself, 'Why has he not claimed the gifts the ruinous powers must certainly have proffered him? Why does he still walk amongst mortals when surely the path of elevation to Daemonhood has been set before him? The one conclusion I can draw is that the Despoiler's motives lie not with the abstract, spiritual power of the Empyrean: more, they lie with the mundane, with physical, earthly power. Abaddon is driven by hatred and bitterness, to such an extent that he will not rest until he sees righted the wrong he perceives committed against him and his kind ten millennia past by the Emperor. Perhaps when he will consider his mission complete, and only then will he assume the mantle of Daemonhood, over the very ashes of the Imperium."

The Heretic Archivist of the Gethsemane Reclusium (executed 963.M41)

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