lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Por qué la Legión Negra?

He estado leyendo a los compañeros de Bolter and Chaisword y me gustó mucho como explican el gusto por la Legión Negra.

Les copio el enunciado que lamentablemente no se los puedo traducir por el poco tiempo que tengo disponible:

Black Legion

Often described as the “Ultramarines” of Chaos because they are the most widely shown example army and they incorporate all elements of Chaos into their armies. The following is an introduction to the Black Legion, by Gree.

Why play Black Legion?

Simple, you are the best. The Black Legion in the greatest of the Chaos legion, the most dangerous legion that the Imperium must face. They are the archetypical chaos legion incorporating all the strengths of chaos.

They were Horus’s own legion. They were the personal guard of the Warmaster. They might not have been the first to turn to chaos in the heresy but, they where the one’s who spearheaded the Heresy.

Horus was the best and brightest of the primarchs, no one could compare to him, and that extends to you as well. Who else would have discovered how to gain the upper hand in daemonic possession and learn the secrets of all four cult legions?

Your forces are led by Abbadon, the most powerful chaos lord. Or by one of his lieutenants, all ancient veterans of the Horus Heresy and terrifying warriors. You even invented the monstrosity that is the Chaos Defiler.

You are the greatest in the heresy and after the heresy you continue to be the best. To be one of the Warmaster’s chosen is to be the elite, no other force can compare to your skill in war.

In battle you have all the options of the Chaos codex, you can have a perfectly valid reason for having Berzerkers march alongside Noise Marines with a squad blessed by Nurgle led by a Chaos lord of Tzeentch.

Even the members of other legions and chapters have joined you, swearing service to he Black Legion and wearing their colors. Others merely ally with you, following your lead in battle.

A Black Legion army has a striking color scheme with many variants. When your opponent looks upon your army he knows that you are EVIL. There is no confusing with names like the Emperor’s Children or Thousand Sons. You are bad to the bone and proud of it.

If someone dares accuse you of being Chaos ultramarines then you have no choice but to send their souls screaming to the Dark Gods with Abaddon patting you on the back saying ‘’Good job trooper (Insert name here)’’

So pick up your bolter and chainsword and don that suit of black power armor and prepare to the join the Black Legion, I’ll see you on Cadia.

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