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Trasfondo de las Dreadclaws!

Cada día que pasa me están gustando más las Dreadclaws, sin duda apenas tenga dinero de sobra T.T estaré comprando 4 si fuese posible! Las reglas de este transporte son geniales ya que no solo llevaría Chaos Space Marines (10 minis), sino que también puede llevar un Dreadnought (1 mini) y además es que puede llevar Terminators (5 minis) y tras de eso son vehículos voladores y de asalto!

Ahora les presento un poco del trasfondo de este increíble vehículo, sacado de Warhammer 40000 Wiki

The Dreadclaw is an ancient assault boat design very much like the current Drop Pod that was used by the Space Marine Legionsduring the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy and is still in service among the Chaos Space Marine Traitor Legions during the late 41st Millennium. Dreadclaws, like the Loyalist Space Marines' Drop Pods, are used to rapidly deploy squads of Chaos Space Marines onto a planet's surface from orbit. The Dreadclaw assault boats are usually deployed from Chaotic Battleships and Cruisersengaged in a planetary assault. The Dreadclaw is outfitted with the deadly Deathwind assault system which clears a landing zone of any opposition by unleashing a potent spray of plasma bolts from the Dreadclaw as soon as it has touched down on a planetary surface. The Dreadclaw is also intended for use in ship-to-ship boarding actions and is outfitted with a spiked, diamond-tipped industrial drill or "maw" on its ventral surface that can carve through the outer hull of a starship so that a unit of Chaos Space Marines can conduct a boarding operation. The Dreadclaw is intended as an all-purpose assault boat that can deliver either a squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines or a single ChaosDreadnought to combat for both ground assaults and ship-to-ship fleet actions. The Dreadclaw operates much like its present Imperial counterpart. During a planetary assault, it hurtles through the atmosphere like a man-made meteor until at a certain pre-determined altitude, its retrorockets kick in and slow its descent to a speed survivable by Astartes (though not necessarily by normal humans). The Dreadclaw does not extend its main claw arms until it has landed and is ready to begin deploying its troops, since the arms' mechanisms are delicate and could be damaged by the impact or the heat of atmospheric entry. Once on the ground, the assault boat's main hatch irises open and the squad or Chaos Dreadnought steps out on the surface. The four claws then extend, driving the Dreadclaw's armoured bulk upwards and revealing its deadly contents, who begin combat operations in their typically savage fashion. Unlike Imperial Drop Pods, the Dreadclaw is an assault boat, which means that it is capable of lifting off and leaving a planetary atmosphere or a warship's surface again, so that it can be used to extract Chaotic troops from a planetary surface or boarding operation as well as deliver them.

Before the Horus Heresy began, the Dreadclaw was the most advanced assault boat in service with the Space Marine Legions or the fleet of the Imperial Armyduring the Great Crusade. However, its design by the Adeptus Mechanicus was flawed. When the Dreadclaw's on-board cogitator was interfaced with the extensive array of navigation Auspexes and logic engines present on an Imperial starship, its Machine Spirit began to develop a dangerous and unexpected level of self-awareness. The launch bays and maintenance decks of Imperial warships outfitted with complements of Dreadclaws began to suffer from a suspiciously high number of fatal accidents and malfunctions, which, despite the reassurances provided by the Mechanicus Tech-priests, soon lead to rumours that the Dreadclaws' Machine Spirits were cursed in some way. Once the Heresy began, the number of such fatal incidents on starships that were part of the Loyalist forces increased exponentially and led to many Imperial starship captains simply jettisoning their entire complement of the assault boats into the cold vacuum of space. The Dreadclaws present on Traitor vessels did not suffer nearly as many problems. In fact, after the end of the Heresy and the retreat of the Traitor Legions into the Eye of Terror, the Dreadclaws became as warped by constant exposure to Chaos energies as the rest of the Chaos Space Marines' equipment and vehicles. The malevolence of these assault boats' Machine Spirits has only grown, though now they serve the agenda of the Ruinous Powers. Dreadclaws today can be said to positively revel in the taking of the lives of those dedicated to the service of the False Emperor.

Sin duda alguna una unidad para tenerla en nuestros ejércitos, luego subiré las reglas oficiales de FW (GW).

Vean este Scrathbuild que he encontrado en este blog: Green Stuff Industries

Seguro no se ve hermosa con esa peana de volador!!!

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