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Nuevas minis caóticas en el reglamento de 6ta!

Noticia bomba!!! Nuevas miniaturas o bits para los Termis caóticos y Berserkers directo desde el reglamento de 6ta!!!

Copiado directamente de Spikey Bits

These pictures are all from the main rules around page 390 the "Battle for Eagle Gate".

First off the circle at the very top highlights what looks like the normal Fantasy Chaos Warrior Standard, however the Khorne Symbol on top is squat in profile and is unlike current Khorne Icon bits. Also look close at similar symbol on the models head wich is very similar to the non existent standard top bit.

The next circle on the left shows a model that I personally have never seen before, which is why it may be turned sideways. There a similar model from back in the day whose hand held a detached helmeted head, but there is no such head attached to this raised arm.

Now low back the the top circle, towards the bottom of the loop. The standard on the model there, while similar to the Empire Flagellant banner, this one has detached heads at the top of it. So unless that is a conversion as well, we're talking a whole new figure or kit component.

Lastly direct your attention at the two terminator trophy racks I have circled towards the bottom. Notice anything different? The current mulit-part terminator kit contains these spikes on a rail system that attaches to the torso, right next to the arm slots.

These spikes are all attached down the back of the torso, with no missing notch to the sides showing where the rail would have gone. I believe these, fellow Warmasters, are new Chaos Terminators, either from the impending Sixth Starter Box, or Codex release.

Here are more figures, whose profiles, and bits I do not recognize. Most notably is the three skull standard from the far left circle.

Above is perhaps the most compelling evidence of either new Chaos Terminators or elaborate conversions.

1. The trophy rack differences I addressed above. The Word Bearers on the right are the "old" models.with the railed trophy racks, while the new World Eaters on the left are the variant design.

2. The thigh pads on the World Eaters on the left are studded, along with the leg trim as well. The ones on the left are not.

Now lets talk BERZERKERS!!! Checkout the subtle differences I have spotted here, that again may indicate new figure components!

1. Fleshed arm holding a chainaxe, with a pieced ring near the elbow. Very chaotic.
2. Pointy arm. Previously only available off the metal// Fnecast Havoc Champion.
3. Two Handed Chainaxe?!! Oh my...
4. Not labeled various minute but noticeable differences in helms, and iconography.

This picture, well I don't know what to make of it, officially. The figure in the back left, is definitely unknown, and terminators are puzzling.

The Khorne helms are very similar to the Forge World ones, but they are not attached to the Forge World torsos.

The rest of the parts to the Terminatosr seem to be the standard multi-part plastic kit, so perhaps we are looking at a conversion sprue here?

Look at the FW one on the left, and back at the ones above. What do you think?

Demasiado bueno verdad!

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  1. Parece que hay un poco de especulación de que sean o no nuevos estos bits.

    Pero por dicha nos queda muy poco para ver el nuevo codex y las nuevas minis!!!

    Espero que la GW nos sorprenda!!!

  2. jkajkajkajka menos mal que no soy el unico que se dio cuenta!!!

  3. Yo creo que son transformaciones,pues muchas minis salen en esta imagen y es bastante vieja,me parece:

    Que halla alguna cosa nueva?Quizás...pero si no todas,muchas de las ahí mostradas son transformaciones

    1. Tengo que aceptarlo, en definitiva son las mismas conversiones! Gracias por desmentir la entrada de Spikey Bits!

      Igual están geniales!

    2. Bryne trabaja muy bien las minis del caos,si.Su ejercito de Legión negra es muy bueno!

  4. Aquí mas:

  5. loco, parece mentira que ustedes siendo unos true hardkores del caos no hallan visto esto en el reglamento, kerido señor Loku aunke sto sea una primicia estos dias ando ajetrado con las hermanas asi que te lego a ti esta imagen, con k digas k t la pase tengo!!!


    1. Muchas gracias reienkyo!!! la verdad es que yo no tengo el reglamento en manos, solo uno escaneado y solo la parte de las reglas!!!

      Muchas gracias!!!

    2. Ahora si que tengo ganas de una copia completa en PDF!XD
      Gracias por la imagen


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